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Welcome to Kadoorie
Farm & Botanic Garden

We invite you to enjoy the splendour of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, wild and tamed, and encourage you to explore our pathways, exhibits and displays. We hope you will not only take away fine memories of a day out in such beautiful surroundings, but also a better understanding of the threats to survival facing many of the plants and animals that you will see here, and what you can do to halt their destruction. Everyone has a part to play, including you. Everybody can help to make a difference, every day, through small choices and lifestyle changes that can have big impacts to the general health and well-being of the planet. By working together, we can all protect our common future.



KFBG organises many types of events and educational programmes all year round. Listed below are some of our activities: 


The Farm will be CLOSED on 22nd April for Earth Day activity

Result of the tender for web programming service for Green Hub project: Javacatz Limited

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KFBG does not sell chickens 


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Blooming Flowers &
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Bonobo - An Expedition Diary

Red Azalea / Sim's Azalea
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